Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Will Medicaid or Medicare pay for transportation in the State of Georgia A: Medicare will pay for a medical-necessary appointment in the State of Georgia. You must contact the Medicaid broker in your area to set up transport. You can contact your local government for assistance in locating your broker. Medicaid will usually NOT pay for non-emergency transportation.
Q: Will my insurance pay for transportation A: Very rarely do we run across any insurance that will pay for non-emergency transport. We will provide you with a detailed invoice for services rendered and will send it to your insurance company if they will consider payment. For more accurate information, please contact your insurance company for details.
Q: How much notice do I need to give for transportation A: C2C operates 24/7 and depending on the distance of travel and where you live depends on the notice we need. We encourage you to book transports with us as early as possible. However we strive to meet our client’s needs and if we are able to cover the trip we will even do so with short notice.
Q: What type of payment do you accept A: C2C accepts checks, VISA, and Mastercard as payment. C2C will accept cash on the Date of Service.
Q: How far will you travel A: C2C will travel nationwide to pick up any patient that needs transport by stretcher over 300 miles. C2C operates state wide in Georgia and will transport any patient locally in Georgia.
Q: Can a family member or friend ride with the patient A: C2C encourages family or nursing aides to ride with the patients. We provide seating for at least one other person to ride and can arrange for more than one if needed.
Q: How much does your service cost A: Depending on the distance traveled and needs of the patient. C2C is very competitive with pricing. Please request a quote for a specific pricing.
Q: How do you track your vans A: All of our units are equipped with two-way communication and Garmin GPS to give to-the-minute ETA

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