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Coast to Coast Medical Transportation, Inc. (C2C) is a family-owned and operated business transporting special needs patients for over 17 years not only in Georgia but coast to coast. We work hard to ensure patients have the most pleasant experience possible while in our care. Every patient is treated like family.
C2C specializes in stretcher transport but has the capability to transport wheelchair patients as well. C2C can accommodate challenging patients including, but not limited to:
  • Patients in wheelchairs
  • Electric wheelchairs
  • Scooter chairs
  • Bariatric stretcher patients weighing up to 650 lbs
  • Patients with feeding tubes, tracheotomy tubes, or any other similar restricting special needs

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Q: Will my insurance pay for transportation?

A: Typically insurance will pay for necessary or
emergency transport. We will provide you with
a detailed invoice for services rendered
and will send it to your insurance company
if they will consider payment. For more
accurate information, please contact
your insurance company for details.

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